Wrapping up Conference Season on a High Note!

It has been a busy meeting season that is now coming to an end! I want to share with you some of the highlights from the events I attended this year with the Advancing Ag program. The first major conference of the year was Farmtech, where not only did I get to meet a lot of new faces but also enjoyed learning on many different topics. These included topics such as foliar nutrients, spraying innovations, wireworms, fusarium and cereal production. These are just a few of the many informative topics we covered at this conference.

My next event I attended is a three day program called the Combine to Customer program put on by the Canadian International Grain Institute which was such a great experience. Over the three days we covered Canadian wheat quality, grain inspection and grading, variety development and commercialization, rail transportation, wheat research strategy, and toured multiple facilities including the Canadian malting barley technical centre. Overall it was a very educational, interactive experience that I would recommend to anyone who has a change to participate in it.

The most recent event I attended was the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference where I had another opportunity to connect with some new people, expand my network, and be a part of an empowering group of women and speakers. We talked about building your brand, the four cornerstones of success, and why being open-minded and open to change will always help you grow professionally and personally. We heard an inspiring presentation by Alanna Koch on the subject of leadership, and the power of a team. I have learned so much on various topics throughout the last couple months and look forward to continuing my journey with Advancing Ag!

Picture 1: Touring noodle lab, watching demo on noodle making process and what our international customers get to experience. Heard on how our Canadian wheat quality impacts noodle quality for export markets.

Picture 2: Touring the flour mill, demonstrating how wheat quality impacts final flour product.

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