My Experience with AdvancingAg

AdvancingAg thus far has been a great experience. It has given me so many opportunities to travel, meet new people, attend different ag extensions that I have never been to before, and of course… learning new things!

To recap, I was able to attend Farm Tech with my mentor Janine and sit in to some great speakers and met a lot of great people that are involved in agriculture. One session that I enjoyed in particular was listening to a panel of people involving their ups and downs with succession planning. I was very interested in sitting in this session because some day that will be me working on succession and integrating into my family’s farming operation. With this session, I was able to discover some great programs like Farm Management Canada (FMC) that assist farming operations and families with succession planning and help them create a path so the process is smoother and painless. Later into the day, Janine introduced me to so many great people during the Syngenta Beer Event. I was able to speak with Tom Wolf AKA the “Nozzle Guy”, and he is such an energetic person and super crazy about sprayer nozzles. Another person that I was able to meet was Jack Bobo, and he came all the way from Washington, DC. He is a huge inspiration to me because his mission is to spread the world about agriculture and food and share the real story. I’m glad I got to meet him because one of my goals for the future is to get schools more involved with agriculture and have them understand where our food comes from. And a way I’m going to accomplish this is by creating a large scaled garden that produces all sorts of food that we consume daily, as well as show them how us farmers grow a crop and to know the real story.

I have been in hiding a little bit as I am due to have my second child like any time now, but I am hoping to get out and about again to see more and do more! I’m so thrilled I was able to be a part of this program because I have went outside of my comfort zone with networking, I have learned new things involving farm management and succession, and I received the opportunity to make some new life long friends. I hope some young and old ag professionals apply for this program because it is totally worth it. Apply now before it is too late!

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