My Journey with AdvancingAg

It is an honour to be involved in the Advancing Ag Mentorship Program because I felt like I needed to be more experienced within agriculture and more knowledgable in general. But here’s the thing… that’s the whole point of the program! To help build confidence, to learn and explore new and old things about agriculture, and to meet new people along the way.

I have been involved in agriculture all of my life. But shovelling out a barn or crop checking does not mean I completely understood the back bone about agriculture such as the economics and the marketing for example. I attended college and received my Agribusiness diploma so I could know and learn more, but I still felt like I needed a more hands-on experience with agriculture.

I came across the Advancing Ag Mentorship Program with the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commission and I was so excited to be accepted into the program. The day was getting closer for meeting my mentor and I was nervous but curious at the same time. When I arrived at the venue, I was finally introduced to my mentor. She was a familiar face but I couldn’t figure out what her name was. When she said, “Hi, I’m your mentor Janine Sekulic.” The first thing I said was “No way! I know you!” Turns out my mentor is from the Peace Country where my husband is from and I worked up in the Peace for a summer and got to know her family a little bit. What a coincidence! We instantly connected and started figuring out goals and accomplishments for me to work on over the next year. I’m very excited to be paired up with Janine because she is relatable, very intelligent, and her specialties are all of the things that I want learn more about like economics, farm finance and management.

Some events I’m really looking forward to are Farming Smarter in Lethbridge because I have never been to that event and there will be a mixture of topics to learn. Another one is Agronomy Update because I have a passion for agronomy and this event is great to refresh as well as hear about some new plants discovered or resistance and more. I will also be speaking at the Region 4 meeting located in Willingdon, AB. This will be one of my first larger-scale presentations since my 4-H days so hopefully I don’t get cold feet. I’m looking forward to accomplishing my goals within the next year and I can’t wait to share my experience with you all.

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