Meet B.P. Chennupati

Hello, my name is B. Pratyusha Chennupati, known as B. I am from incredible India. I did my Bachelor of Technology (Chemical and Biotechnology Engineering) in India and received my Master of Science (Plant Science) from McGill University, Canada. Presently, I am working as Registration Specialist (Regulatory Affairs personnel) at Nufarm Agriculture Inc. Prior to that, I have worked as Principal Scientist in Inocucor Technologies Inc., Montreal, Canada (presently known as Concentric Agriculture Inc).

Agriculture is one of the rapidly changing sectors with all new technologies. With globalization, the business dynamics of agriculture sector around the world have been constantly changing. To be successful in this rapidly changing agribusiness sector, one should be good at negotiating whether it is regulatory affairs or corporate business. My goal is to learn key negotiating skills that will help me to get what I want and create win-win situations, while improving my weaknesses i.e., blind spots. I strongly believe that a great mentor can help identify and overcome those blind spots using a strategic approach. If I can achieve the negotiating skills and overcome one of the blind spots in this one year timeline, I would consider that as my accomplishment.

I always believed that creating art relieves stress, encourages creative thinking and anyone can do it. My biggest hobby is to create landscape art using oil, acrylic and mixed media techniques. Also, I enjoy playing squash and going for a hike. I love to read books of different genres especially science fiction, mystery and romantic comedies.

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