Recap of the Year with AdvancingAg

Unbelievable, a year has passed and how life has changed during this mentorship. When I started this journey I didn’t expect people to stop me in a restaurant to talk about my mentorship or that they read about me in the Western Producer. I was unprepared, but excited about the whole idea that people wanted to know more about the program, the reason I applied, what my mentor Brennan was like? I cannot thank the Alberta Barley and Alberta Wheat commission for the opportunity to meet Brennan and expand my knowledge of grain marketing. I am grateful for Brennan to take time out of his day to talk with me and answer any silly questions I had. I can honestly say that I stepped out of my comfort zone by attending and networking at new events. This opportunity allowed me to focus on different aspects that make up the market price. I am starting to gain the understanding, yet there is still a lot more to learn, I can honestly say that Brennan was a better teacher for AG marketing than I had at the University of Saskatchewan.

Mentoring is: a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction (when needed).

My roadmap was designed to understand more about Grain Marketing, develop a market plan for our farm, use my background in agronomy for marketing of grain, gaining more confidence to speak out in a larger crowd and to increase my social media presence. I was able to build on most of these by attending Hedging Edge. I am proud to say we have diversified our few quarters from canola in 2017 to wheat, peas and canola this year. I have become more involved on twitter, but I still am struggling with writing blogs. I would rather someone stop me on the street and ask me twenty questions than sit at a desk and type.

I am excited to meet the next round of mentees for 2018-2019 year. I cannot wait to hear what they are interested in learning. Everyone is so creative with their choices. Agriculture’s Future is Bright!!

Now it’s time to unplug and pray for rain.

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