One Year in the AdvancingAg Leadership Program

One year at ‘Advancing Ag Future Leadership Program’ was a year of learning and self-development. To my knowledge, not many such programs exist in the region focused on developing leadership skills in the upcoming generation in the agriculture Industry. Thanks! to the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley for designing and implementing such a program. I benefited from this program tremendously.

This program involved eight selected mentees with the background ranging from agriculture research to sales. Each of us was paired with an experienced mentor. We had chance to work with each other, Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley though out the year. We went through an intensive leadership training provided by The Leadership Centre of Central Alberta. Each of us also received a fixed amount of grant to attend industry leading workshops and conferences. I was able to attend many events which were filled with very experienced participants and I felt fortunate to attend those events. Throughout the program, our mentor was there to coach and guide us.

I was fortunate to have Dr. Erin Armstrong, Director Industry and Regulatory Affairs, Canterra Seeds as my mentor. She has decades of experience in leadership roles in various multinational food and agriculture industries. She has worked in many countries. She is an incredible person and has unique ability to analyze the problems from multiple angles and come up with the solutions which were highly practical and always surprising to me. I had many brainstorming conversations with her. I also attended FarmTech 2018, Edmonton conference.

By the end of this program, my overall understanding of the Agriculture industry deepened many folds and I was able to make many strong connections within industry. I am thankful to the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley leadership team for putting this program in practice. I am also thankful to the staffs especially Megan Hall and Laura Anderson for being present in all the events, handling our reports and queries and staying patient throughout the year. I am also highly thankful to fellow mentees for good times and my mentor for being a such an excellent and humble person. Despite being very busy in her own work life she was always there to help.

Best wishes,


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