Boots in the Field

My goals for the Advancing Ag program are to improve my agronomy and agribusiness skills, which is why my focus this summer, has been to have my boots in the field as much as possible. Along with my summer goals, my winter goals are to gain new and innovative information from industry experts at conferences, seminars and workshops.

One way for me to learn about agronomy and get the experience that I am looking for – is to get out in the field, scout crops and learn first-hand. This will be my greatest experience and will vastly improve my knowledge just by exposing myself to crops, diseases and crop practices in general.

This past season, I found that the most problematic pest of Southern Alberta was the Diamond Back Moths. I learned about this pest and how and when to scout for Diamond Back Moths. Most importantly, I learned the proper recommendations to control this pest. With this information, I was able to make better-informed decisions for my own farming operation and for local producers in my area.

Since June, when I began my journey, I have attended four crop tours & field days. Also, I attended one agricultural workshop at Olds College, called Making the Grade. The Making the Grade Workshop was a great experience, I learned about grading seed samples and agronomic factors that contribute to the grade of the main commodities grown throughout Alberta. I was thrilled with my new knowledge of grading seed samples, and I hope to utilize it with my operation. The four field days that I have attended were in the Consort, Castor, Stanmore and Oyen areas. Each of these days presented information on the different crop varieties which are best suited to these areas. Crop specialists were in attendance and spoke about canola, cereals and pulses agronomics. They were informative and helpful with answering numerous questions.

Since there are no crops to scout during the winter, the next best way to learn about farming practices is to attend conferences. During this time there are many seminars and workshops to build my agronomy and agribusiness knowledge. Attending conferences like FarmTech and the Agronomy Update will keep me in touch with the latest information from the agriculture industry. This knowledge will help me towards my career objectives with the Advancing Ag program.

Photos from my attended events:

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