Mentee: David Pinzon

Mentor: Ben Graham


David Pinzon’s passion is his profession, being a scientist, and along with science, his occupation, working as a Regulatory Affairs Manager in crop protection and biotechnology for Corteva Agriscience. David is very enthusiastic about being involved with the community, especially when it comes to learning about their concerns and being able to help members understand science and improve their ability to make informed decisions.  David’s academic and industry experience has afforded him a thorough understanding of the agriculture business and how it connects with all other stakeholders, including farmers, consumers, government and scientists.  He has learned what it takes to develop a product, from the basic biology and chemistry research undergone by universities to the applied research conducted by industry scientists. 


David has been involved in several internal and external agricultural outreach projects, he has led and executed the programs to educate Corteva employees on how to engage confidently in difficult conversations, and how to prepare to engage with the public.  David has participated in multiple events with Ag for Life, Encounters with Canada, the Classroom Agriculture Program, and university lectures, reaching out to approximately 2,000 students.  David obtained his bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and master’s degree in Plant Pathology while in Colombia, and his PhD in Plant Biology from the University of Alberta

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