Mentee: Roddy Campbell

Mentor: Bill Chapman

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry 

Growing up in the urban sprawl of Toronto, Roddy has had an unconventional path into agriculture. After graduating from Dalhousie university with a Bachelor of Commerce, Roddy moved to Calgary and began his career in the investment industry. A few years of working in the investment industry would help him realize that a change was needed. After a few opportunities as a coffee trader and recruiter Roddy entered the agriculture industry with Cargill over five years ago.


Working out of Carseland Alberta, it was there he began learning about the cropping and agriculture industry. With no formal education in ag, it was the farmers he worked with that taught him agriculture. The farmers taught him the art and science of cropping, the constant battle with the weather along with the political, social and economic challenges of running a farm in today's world. After gaining experience as a grain buyer and crop inputs dealer Roddy transitioned to the financial side of ag with TD Agriculture Services. Working with TD over the past four years in analysis and account management roles, he's continued to progress his learning and understanding of Canadian agriculture.


The opportunity with the Advancing Ag program is allowing him to further his education, mentored by seasoned agronomist Bill Chapman. It is through the Advancing Ag program where Roddy's goal is to increase his agricultural knowledge through first-hand experience, foundational learning and networking. While he did not grow up on a farm, Roddy chose to enter and pursue a career in agriculture, and he is passionate & excited about the future of Canadian agriculture.    

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