Safe Guards and Science: What we can learn from Canada’s process for unpacking new pesticides

By David Pinzon, PhD. Regulatory Affairs Manager at CortevaTM AgriscienceAugust 2020 Every day, with virtually everything we do, we are exposed to risk. Crossing the street, brushing our teeth, and drinking coffee, all come with varying degrees of hazard. This is why we wait for cars, spit out our toothpaste, and limit our caffeine intake. In fact, managing our exposure to activities and substances that are potentially harmful, is simply part of life. And yet, virtually all substances have the potential to cause harm. Even water, in certain amounts, is lethal. The dose dictates the poison! So, when a system classifies substances based exclusively on their hazard or risk, that system ignores

Public Trust: Highlight of a Grain Sector Perspective

Through my AdvancingAg Leadership involvement I set out to develop and study a deeper understanding of how Public Trust impacts our Food Production Sector today. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn first-hand from my mentor Kim McConnell specifically on Public Trust within our Agriculture industry. My role within the industry has evolved through the years from being a primary beef producer to an agronomy consultant and now an industry brand manager within the grain input sector – the impact of Public Trust however as I see it has an equal degree of importance within each level of the food supply chain. I was invited to take part in the Virtual Rural Roots Canada sessio

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