Meet Candy Roberts

My name is Candy Roberts and I am a mother of two beautiful little girls, a wife, a farmer and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CA, CPA). I am passionate about the agriculture industry and feeding the world and the success of farm businesses, in particular the “family farm”. I have just completed my second maternity leave and have had a lot of time to reflect on the future of our industry and what it will mean to my family and my children. On Tuesday, I return to my role an Accounting and Assurance Manager at Catalyst in Calgary. I work primarily with producers in the agriculture industry helping them run their farm businesses. I am passionate about helping farmers, ranchers and othe

Meet Matija Stanic

My name is Matija Stanic. I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia during the time of Yugoslavia. My family and I moved to Canada as refugees in 1996 due to the civil that was taking place in Bosnia at the time. We lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba for four years at which time my father got employed in Calgary, so we moved. I make it a habit to visit my extended family still living in the Balkans at least every couple of years. Even as a child, I have always been fascinated with the natural world. This was what drove me to decide to do a Bachelor of Science in biology at the University of Calgary. My focus during my undergraduate studies gravitated toward botanical sciences, although I never officially spec

Meet Jordyn Prior

Hey Everyone! My name is Jordyn Prior and I am so excited to be a part of the Advancing Ag program. I grew up on a mixed farming operation consisting of purebred Angus cattle and grain North of Irma, AB. The very first time my dad allowed me to lay with a new-born calf at the age of 5 in the stall of our barn, was the day I become increasingly passionate about farming and what it had to offer. Whether there was a calf to pull, calves to tag, or even just stalls that needed to be cleaned out I was always eagerly ready alongside my dad buried deep in the industry we loved. Twenty-two years later, I am still passionately attracted to the agriculture sector, building a career as an Economic Deve

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