My Experience with AdvancingAg

AdvancingAg thus far has been a great experience. It has given me so many opportunities to travel, meet new people, attend different ag extensions that I have never been to before, and of course… learning new things! To recap, I was able to attend Farm Tech with my mentor Janine and sit in to some great speakers and met a lot of great people that are involved in agriculture. One session that I enjoyed in particular was listening to a panel of people involving their ups and downs with succession planning. I was very interested in sitting in this session because some day that will be me working on succession and integrating into my family’s farming operation. With this session, I was able to d

AdvancingAg graduates encourage participation, deadline for applications approaching

(Calgary, Alberta) March 25, 2019 – The Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions would like to remind potential mentees to apply for the AdvancingAg program ahead of the March 29, 2019 deadline. The AdvancingAg Future Leaders Program is an initiative focused on mentoring young agriculture professionals in Alberta. The year-long program pairs mentees, aged 18-35, with a carefully selected mentor who is passionate about the agriculture industry and eager to help mentor the next generation. Mentors and mentees will be paired up based on the interests and career goals of the mentee. “As we enter our third-year, we are so proud of the mentorship that this program has provided and the opportunities th

Which Crop Will be the Most Profitable in 2019?

Knowing how grain markets are performing, this time of year provides an excellent opportunity to investigate what crop will be the most profitable to grow in 2019 for a grain farmer. Three crops that are successfully grown in my area of east central Alberta are hard red spring wheat, canola, and field peas. The three components of profitability that I use to compare crops are: yield, costs and their value. It is possible to average each of these, although the average is generally known after the harvest is complete. The value of the crop, however, can be projected based on commodity futures and known deferred contracts available from grain handlers. There is an annual source of compiled yiel

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