Effective Communication Tips

Strong communication skills are hard to find in every day life. From business to personal life, communication flows have evolved into often emotionless electronic messaging. Face-to-face interaction gets limited in lieu of technology, which can also limit comprehension. Effective communication can certainly happen through technology, but I think regardless of the method we often need to put more effort into daily communications. As I sit conversation-less in the passenger seat of the car typing this post on my iPhone, the irony is astonishing. One of the main themes of the Advancing Ag’s three day Leadership Summit in November was communication. One day was devoted to effective communication

My Experience with Advancing Ag: Part II

Being a part of the Advancing Ag program has been extremely exciting so far. I managed to attend several ag extensions that are helping me reach my goals, as well as participating in great workshops that benefit me on my farming operation or eventually in the workplace. To recap, in November, the program organised a leadership training workshop in Banff, AB and CorQuest Inc. ran all of the sessions and invited some great speakers to teach as well. The first day, CorQuest got all of the mentees to complete a personality survey which lead to us learning more about ourselves and how to work and communicate with people that have different personalities as we do. It was great to learn about mysel

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