My AdvancingAg Journey

As part of my AdvancingAg journey I recently headed to Fargo, ND at the recommendation of my mentor, Chris Spasoff, to attend the NDSU Barley and Malting Quality Course. The focus of this short course was “A Field to Brewhouse Perspective.” Hosted by the Northern Crops Institute on the grounds of the beautiful North Dakota State University campus, the course drew students from varying backgrounds in the industry including farmers, agronomists, maltsters, distillers, brewers and more! The first day we dove right in with Grains 101 led by Dr. Paul Schwarz of NDSU. He discussed the history of barley and its role in the shift of nomadic Neolithic humans to an agricultural existence. We were also

Communication and Marketing Focus in the Agriculture Industry

In this Advancing Ag Program, I am very grateful to have been paired with “the perfect fit” as my mentor. Ben Graham is very talented, knowledgeable and is recognized as an expert in the agriculture industry. Ben is the president of AdFarm, a top marketing communication agency throughout the agriculture industry, based in Calgary. Since the beginning of the program, we've developed a habit of meeting face-to-face once a month to connect and review our progress. Our first meeting was focused on the development of the five objectives I would like to achieve during this program, which are as follows: My first objective is to participate in the creation and implementation of a marketing plan on

Leave the Emotion Behind: Know Your Numbers

Hello again! I hope harvest in your area is going as smoothly as can be expected this year with challenging weather conditions across the province. Recently I have been busy making plans to reach my personal objectives for the Advancing Ag year. My mentor for the year, Geoff Backman, Marketing Specialist for the Alberta Wheat Commission, has previous experience that overlaps with parts of my daily work tasks, allowing us to relate easily and get down to business right away. Part of my daily routine involves helping farmers create grain marketing plans, and I truly enjoy sitting down to create a strategy that is custom-tailored to the farm operation. Often, the first question is “what’s the b

My AdvancingAg Journey

My AdvancingAg journey is off to a great start! This September I was able to participate in an event called ‘City Slickers,’ which is held out in Parkland County, Alberta. The City Slickers program works with Edmonton-area schools and brings over 1000 children from grades 4 and 5 out to Parkland County farms to learn about where their food comes from and the farm life! This is a truly amazing event, involving over 150 volunteers every year. It provides these kids with hands on, authentic learning experiences. Many of them have never been on a farm before and don't understand the basic processes behind where their food comes from. Many have never even seen a cow up close! This event gives the

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