Recap of the Year with AdvancingAg

Unbelievable, a year has passed and how life has changed during this mentorship. When I started this journey I didn’t expect people to stop me in a restaurant to talk about my mentorship or that they read about me in the Western Producer. I was unprepared, but excited about the whole idea that people wanted to know more about the program, the reason I applied, what my mentor Brennan was like? I cannot thank the Alberta Barley and Alberta Wheat commission for the opportunity to meet Brennan and expand my knowledge of grain marketing. I am grateful for Brennan to take time out of his day to talk with me and answer any silly questions I had. I can honestly say that I stepped out of my comf

One Year in the AdvancingAg Leadership Program

One year at ‘Advancing Ag Future Leadership Program’ was a year of learning and self-development. To my knowledge, not many such programs exist in the region focused on developing leadership skills in the upcoming generation in the agriculture Industry. Thanks! to the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley for designing and implementing such a program. I benefited from this program tremendously. This program involved eight selected mentees with the background ranging from agriculture research to sales. Each of us was paired with an experienced mentor. We had chance to work with each other, Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley though out the year. We went through an intensive lead

Keeping the Combat out of Conflict

Anyone who has ever been a part of a multi-generational family farm could probably attest to the fact that family farm members are no strangers to conflict. The Advancing Agriculture program has given me the opportunity to attend some conflict management training programs through the Justice Institute of BC, and I have learned some valuable skills that I am learning to use in many aspects of my personal life and professional life. I have learned that conflict is an inevitable part of life and while there are some things we can do to prevent it from happening it is still going to occur. The good news is that we have control over how we choose to approach conflict and how we perceive conflict.

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