Summary of Western Canada Crop Trade

I made a mistake on my previous report. Canola is one variety of rapeseeds. Based on the canola council of Canada (2017), for oilseeds to be named canola, they must pass specific standard: less than 2% erucic acid in the fatty acid and less than micromoles of any one or any mixture of 3-butenyl glucosinolate, 4-pentenyl glucosinolate, 2-hydroxy-3 butenyl glucosinolate, and 2-hydroxy- 4-pentenyl glucosinolate per gram of air-dry, oil-free solid. Based on the figure 1 in my previous report, the canola in southern Alberta got the highest average price over the nine zones, with CAD$471per ton, and northeast Saskatchewan got the lowest price around CAD$463 per ton. Besides the soil and weather fa

My AdvancingAg Adventure

At the nine month mark with the AdvancingAg program, I feel that I am off to a great start for learning key components towards my career goals and more because of this program. My Advancing Ag journey has been focusing on leadership skills, increasing my agronomy knowledge and increasing my Agri- business knowledge all for my career goals and for my own operation. I started the New Year off by attending the Certified Crop Advisor Tutorial at Olds College. The Certified Crop Adviser certification provides a benchmark for practicing agronomy professionals. The certification is a voluntary professional enhancement to a person's career credentials. This tutorial was one of my winter conferences

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