The First Few Months of 2018

Can you believe it is 2018!! So much has happened in a few months. FarmTech 2018: After chatting on the phone for the past few months, I could meet my mentor, Brennan, face-to-face. It was great to sit down and chat about leadership in the workplace and how I can advance my leadership roles within work. With that the conference was very well organized with multiple interesting breakout sessions that made it hard to choose what to attend. Usually no seats available means attend a different session but some people still wanted to hear so they stood. A few talks hit home the Importance of Work Life Balance presented by Linda Duxbury, where she was able to bring fun to a morning presentation

The First Year After Graduation: What Next?

It seems like a simple enough formula: get good grades in high school so you can get into a good college or university, and if you work hard and get a solid GPA, amazing career opportunities will present themselves. That was the impression I was under, anyway. I kept my nose to the grindstone all throughout university and going into my last year, I had already started to look for jobs. I wanted to find the best opportunity and I felt that I would have the best chance to do so if I started to look early. But, after nearly one hundred resume submissions and so few interviews that I could count them on one hand, I was still jobless. After months of job hunting and with graduation looming just a

Book summary and review 'An Edible History of Humanity'

Standage, Tom. An Edible History of Humanity. New York: Walker & Co, 2009. Tom Standage in his book ‘An Edible History of Humanity’ has defined human history by connecting it with food. According to the author food and agriculture have always directly influenced human culture, economic, political and social systems throughout the history. In this book, Tom Standage discussed the origin of agriculture, shift of human living from hunter-gatherer to smaller villages, relation of food-power-war and politics, trading of agricultural produce, industrialization of nations, colonization, famines, current status of agriculture, green revolution in a very detailed and interesting way. The content of t

Boots in the Field

My goals for the Advancing Ag program are to improve my agronomy and agribusiness skills, which is why my focus this summer, has been to have my boots in the field as much as possible. Along with my summer goals, my winter goals are to gain new and innovative information from industry experts at conferences, seminars and workshops. One way for me to learn about agronomy and get the experience that I am looking for – is to get out in the field, scout crops and learn first-hand. This will be my greatest experience and will vastly improve my knowledge just by exposing myself to crops, diseases and crop practices in general. This past season, I found that the most problematic pest of Southern Al

Me and my future with AdvancingAg

My name is Holly White, and I am so thrilled to be a part of the first group to participate in the Advancing Ag Future Leaders Program. When I first heard about the program, I couldn’t wait to apply. At the time of my application, I was working as a Manager of Agricultural Services for my local government. I was growing tired of my commute from our farm in Rolling Hills, AB and looking to develop a new career path. I have always been fascinated by learning about how demographics and personality types can influence teamwork and communication in the workplace. As a manager of a multigenerational team, I learned to understand how demographics and personality types affect how different generat

Crop Prices change in Western Canada from 2015 to 2017

Canada is one of the biggest crop producing and exporting country. Since China is the biggest importing country on canola and wheat, the trade relationship between Canada and China is important. The current project will be divided into four sectors :1) The three Prairie provinces Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the major crop growing area, the international prices of canola and wheat are different in different zones, so in this sector I will try to find the factors which can affect the prices of canola and wheat on quality and yield; 2) I will try to find the factors which affect the market analysis on business side, 3) narrow the relationship between Canada and China, explore the thi

My AdvancingAg experience with Brennan Turner

First off, I would I like to thank Alberta Barley and the Alberta Wheat Commission for the opportunity to be apart of this ag mentee/mentorship program. This is an amazing opportunity to broaden my social network and knowledge base. It is amazing to be able to discuss with another younger person in the industry, who has a different perspective to marketing grain. It’s hard to believe that I have already been a part of this program for four months. I feel that I have set up a busy fall/winter for myself with harvest and conferences coming up but I can’t wait. I guess I better introduce myself: grew up with on a mixed farm east of Irma, Alberta. Involved early in the local 4-H light horse and

Agriculture and me

The Advancing Agriculture: Future Leaders program, a mentorship program initiated by the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley Commission, is currently well underway, and I am honoured to be a part of it. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jolien Witte, I was raised on a crops farm in the Netherlands and have come to Canada to pursue a master’s degree at the University of Alberta. The summer of 2017 has been bustling with the start of this mentorship program, the data collection and writing phases of my thesis at the UofA, and of course some visits from Holland. I basically always have had an interest in agriculture; first by growing up on a potato and wheat farm, later by

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