My Experience with Advancing Ag

By Matija Stanic

This program has, thus far, allowed me to attend a leadership conference which focused on enabling effective communication between the mentees of the program and allowed the mentees to practice these skills. I found this workshop to be highly beneficial as a tool for analyzing potential communication problems not only in one’s workplace but also in everyday life. This was important for me as a recent university graduate attempting to make the transition to a professional career as my degree did not emphasize communication, although this is a crucial component of professional life.

In the near future, the program will enable me to meet the mentor I have been assigned, a professional scientist in the agriculture industry. I am looking forward to this as I have not had much exposure to professional scientists outside of academia. This will be an important stepping-stone for me and will open up opportunities for me to meet with agricultural professionals and to get a better idea of the agricultural production chain. As my science education has not enlightened me on the general means by which the crops we grow make their way through the various standardized pipelines.

I have a lack of knowledge of the more practical aspects of our agricultural system and am excited to broaden my knowledge to allow me to apply my skills in an effect way. I plan on exploring various aspects of the agricultural production chain from farms where the crops are cultivated and harvested to seed analysis labs which are used to determine seed quality of our important seed crops.

As a recent graduate this program is offering me the ability to make a smooth transition from academia to the professional sector in the agriculture industry. This transition, I feel, is a source of anxiety for many graduates who finish their education and are left not knowing what do to next or where they can apply acquired skills best.